Benefits of pegasus products

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Feeding programs

Wide experience in designing feeding programs to maximise health and productivity and achieving optimum growth and development.

Specialised formula

Fully declared product specifications with high levels of vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for WA conditions.

Nutritional expertise

Technical expertise in design of practical, cost effective feed programs or solving nutrition related problems.

Global experience

Application of international KER experience developed in feeding growing horses and mares of many breeds around the globe.


Use of innovative Gro-Trac and Microsteed software for growth monitoring and design of diets.

About our Pegasus products

Pegasus® feeds are designed to take the guesswork out of feeding horses, by providing straightforward, effective and comprehensive nutritional solutions for horse owners, that are not only of the highest quality, but also produce outstanding results.

Pegasus feeds are formulated to contain an optimally balanced blend of fibre, fats, grains, amino acids, micronutrients and fortified levels of essential vitamins and minerals with high bioavailability. Fibre supports healthy gut function, whilst essential fats provide a ‘cool’ energy source.

Pegasus feeds contain a natural probiotic, yeast, which facilitates enhanced digestion and optimises mineral absorption. Organic chromium assists with glucose metabolism and a natural Vitamin E improves antioxidant levels, whilst improving immune function.
Pegasus feeds are made from premium ingredients to maximise finished feed quality and palatability. In keeping with the latest research developments, Pegasus feeds also contain KER BMC®, a unique, organic-buffered mineral complex which is supported by extensive, published research trials that report improvements in bone density, gastric buffering and balanced hindgut pH. Find out more about KER BMC here.

Pegasus feeds are formulated and supported by the nutritional expertise of Kentucky Equine Research. The combination of KER’s latest research into equine nutrition and Milne Feeds’ superior feed mill technology, ensures Pegasus remains the preferred feed choice of horse owners.