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Pegasus Equinews is our KER partnership news hub covering all aspects of equine nutrition, horse-care, research, and news. The content on Pegasus Equinews is produced based on research findings, under the oversight of KER’s Ph.D. nutritionists and veterinarians. The wealth of articles are written in an easy-to-understand format, making science-based information accessible to everyday horse people. Make Pegasus Equinews your first resource for equine nutrition information.

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Pegasus Lite is a low fat, low-nsc, high-fibre concentrate for ‘good-doing’ performance & pleasure horses designed to meet optimal nutritional requirements without adding excess calories to the diet.
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A highly palatable, oat-free blend of steam-rolled grains and nutrients designed to meet the nutritional demands of peak performance, race and sport horses.
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A high fat, high fibre, low starch nut, that provides all the essential nutrients for performance and pleasure horses that require a diet low in NSC or grain.
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A cool energy, oat-free complete feed designed to meet the nutritional requirements of pleasure, show and sport horses and ponies.
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A premium quality complete feed designed to provide optimum nutrition for broodmares, foals, stallions and growing horses.
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A high energy, complete feed designed to meet the nutritional demands of race horses and high performance horses.
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A premium, concentrated balancer pellet designed to provide all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals from a small feed rate. Ideal for balancing grain diets, or as the sole feed for ‘good-doers’.
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