Benefits of Equine products

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Feeding programs

Wide experience in designing feeding programs to maximise health and productivity and achieving optimum growth and development.

Specialised formula

Fully declared product specifications with high levels of vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for WA conditions.

Nutritional expertise

Technical expertise in design of practical, cost effective feed programs or solving nutrition related problems.

Global experience

Application of international KER experience developed in feeding growing horses and mares of many breeds around the globe.


Use of innovative Gro-Trac and Microsteed software for growth monitoring and design of diets.

About our Equine products

Our superior milling technology and nutritional expertise combine to produce the Milne Equine range. Milne Equine products contain a blend of quality grains, fats and fibres, combined with a comprehensive vitamin and mineral premix to provide balanced nutrition for all types of horses at an economical price. Natural, raw grains are ground and gently heated to unlock nutrients and improve digestibility, whilst the pelleting process eliminates sifting out of ingredients and produces complete feed solutions in a convenient form.
Our high protein Horse Grower and Weanling pellet is the trusted feed of choice for many breeding and racing stables, whilst our popular low protein, low energy Pony Maintenance Cubes provide a budget friendly base-feed. Our grain mixes, Horse Muesli and Oat-Free Muesli, are carefully formulated with a low molasses content to reduce the sugar content in the diet and contain a vitamin and mineral pellet to ensure even nutrient blend.

With expertise and years of experience Milne Equine provides horse owners with cost effective, reputable feeding solutions they can trust.